The Power of YES In Your Sensual Experience

The Power of YES In Your Sensual Experience



  Affirmative, that’s the only way to do it to heighten your pleasure, to enlighten your sensual energies. Align yourself with the power of pleasure and harness the reins of self-love and self-care from within.



  When you embrace your sensuality with the same vigor that you embrace every other positive aspect of your life, it can be astonishingly liberating and extraordinarily empowering. You’ll be more capable of easily freeing yourself from the expectations and standards of others and simply have numerous eye-opening, satisfying shared moments between yourself and your practitioner.



  Learn to say,”Yes!” to your sensual-self and remove the limitations set by others and maybe even your own subconscious mind. Unlock the door of new opportunities, new sensual experiences. All with just one simple word. Say,”Yes!” and conquer your performance fears and inhibitions and allow yourself room to learn and grow as you get out of your own minuscule comfort zone and explore fearlessly the vast area of mind-blowing possibilities around it.



  Traversing that uncharted area bravely is a pleasurable and safe way to escape reality and can greatly benefit and enhance your relationships and carnal creativity. Saying,”Yes!” communicates enthusiasm and interest to your mind and practitioner and sends signals of how you are truly feeling or want to feel and when practiced steadily, your body (all parts included) will eventually conform for a more blissful erotic experience.



  Possible Affirmations:


*Yes, I enjoy the moment and release all expectations.


*Yes, I embrace my sensuality.


*Yes, I appreciate and respect my partner’s sensuality and my own.



*BONUS: Reciting “Yes” in your mind in your own voice while alone and practicing deep breathing exercises I’ve found to be quite powerful as well. Start breathing slow and deep increasing speed and shortening your breaths as you go. Clench or contract the PC muscle on every exhale while saying,”Yes!”



Happy YESsing!



– Elle Noelani is a professional Tantra and sensual massage therapist serving the Triad and surrounding areas predominately in North Carolina and Virginia. She travels domestically and internationally as well as catering to private long term and exclusive full-time contracts while enhancing the lives, emotional and sexual health of her many clients in private and spa-like settings. She has had extensive training in traditional massage styles and Tantric Nuru massage over the years in Asia and continues her total body health studies now in the USA. Elle is exquisite and not only a trained and certified bodywork practitioner but is also a fitness model and entrepreneur. She has crafted the perfect bodyrub combination; a fusion of Swedish, Tantric, Japanese Nuru, Sensual Edging, Light Touch and Erotic Aromatherapy. For quality professional bodywork, reward yourself with the luxury adventure, what Elle calls “The Experience: Soft, Sensual & Serene. Restorative with a Twist.”