Charlotte erotic massage Experience authentic holistic well-being as it is stimulated on my massage table through a blissful Nuru infused Tantric style FBSM session. I am a student and model; an exquisitely stunning, 5'7.5" tall and curvy (36DD-23-36) busty, exotic independent Tantrassage provider. I am professional, private, mature and discreet in providing you with a tantalizing upscale sensual light touch Tantra tease and intimate edging experience. Begin immediately to harness your erotic inner joy and understand the magnetic energies manifested by your lingam, your wand of light. Gain more flexibility, stamina and resilience at work, in the bedroom, on the golf course and beyond! Expand and liberate: REJUVENATE your mental and physical performance, stimulate and enhance your libido, find balance and harmony in your vibrant self! Articulate and in tune with you providing the much needed attention to each and every nerve in your body. Book your much needed and deeply exhilarating session today. A discreet yet intimate approach to exceptional relaxation. Sweet yet seductive, addicting and delectably alluring...

   Charlotte sensual massage


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“The wound is the place where the Light enters you.”  - Rumi

Swedish - Russian - Indo Tantric Bliss - Sensual/Light Touch
Cold & Hot Stone Therapy - Aromatherapy

General Info:

 Indulge in a soothing and relaxing full body therapeutic and light touch session by an exquisite, trained and certified bodywork practitioner and fitness model. Travel; domestic and international as well as long term pre-scheduled practice is also available.

Various body rub styles and combinations are available; Swedish, Indo Tantric w/ Nuru Gel (Tantra), Sensual and Aromatherapy. For quality professional bodywork, reward yourself with a luxury easily delivered discretely and direct to you today.

Sensual Massage in Charlotte
 Advanced booking is preferred but not required. I supply the oils, tranquil music and the ambience. You supply the stress, aches and pains.



Miami Beach Sensual Massage The Sensual Touch Tantrassage is the ideal combination of true full body relaxation and sensuality, creating wonderful bodily feelings, releasing physical, mental, and emotional stress as well as negative energy.

 The Sensual Touch Tantrassage is a great way to start or end any day.

 If you are a gentleman who enjoys a sensual relaxing touch in a warm candlelit room and an unrushed erotic massage, you will greatly enjoy and benefit from our time together.

There are various massage styles and techniques; ranging from massage for relaxation to bodyrub (bliss by beauty/indo tantric bliss) or rubdown simply for pure stress relief. A full body all over massage is the most requested but non-traditional type of massage. In Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Jupiter and West Palm Beach, there seem not to be enough massage service providers. Massage services are now more than ever highly sought after. A full body sensual massage is good for relieving pressure, tension, stress and pain as well as many other benefits that a good all over massage has to offer. It also tangibly increases endurance and stamina in unforeseen amounts. The favorite style of massage over the past few years has been sensual massage. A sensual massage can also be combined with therapeutic and tantric massage for the best results. A sensual massage massage before bed is a sure fire way to assure you of a full night of peaceful rest and sleep. If you live in the Fort Lauderdale, Miami or West Palm Beach area, be sure and book your full body therapeutic and sensual massage in advance for the best available schedule. I am also occasionally available in Naples, Tampa, Fort Walton and Panama City. A combination sensual massage, therapeutic and Swedish massage with a hint of tantric massage, has more benefits than even the best sensual and therapeutic massage providers realize. Plan to book a relaxing hour long full body tantric massage and sensual massage at least twice a week alternating days. Enjoy listening to soft, mellow music and treat yourself with aromatherapy treatments in addition to your sensual massage, tantric massage, Swedish massage or combo. A Thai massage technique may also be incorporated for the maximum results. A sensual bodyrub or tantric body rub massage should be done covering the full body. Thus giving you the best possible service and most relaxation possible. Scented oils are usually used during a sensual massage but unscented oils may be used instead if you prefer. Sensual Touch Massage is just that, sensual and succulent, delicious, desirable, decadent, erotic and more... The sensual rubdown bodyslide massage strokes and caresses your "whole body" easing out all the stresses of the day, and the massage, an experience where the pleasure can linger for days. *Great news! I am now also available in Stuart and Hobe Sound. Stuart - Palm Beach - Jupiter - Port St Lucie - Fort Lauderdale - Jensen Beach - Boca Raton - Elle Noelani

Translation: סעקסי טאַפּלאַס און נאַקעט עראָטיש סעקסי טאַפּלאַס און נאַקעט עראָטיש מאַסאַזש. נורו געל מאכט דעם מאַסאַזש זייער כושיק און פאַרפירעריש. איך בין אַ הויך, קערווי, באַסטי בלאָנדע תּלמיד און מאָדעל, זייער פּריוואַט, פאַכמאַן און דערוואַקסן. איך פאָרשלאָגן אַפּסקייל ליכט פאַרבינדן, כושיק, עדזשינג טיז און טאַנטראַ / טאַנטריק פיוזשאַן גוף ראַבז פֿאַר דזשענטאַלמין. sexi taplas aun naket erotish masazh. nuru gel makht dem masazh zeyer khushik aun farfirerish. ikh bin a hoykh, kervi, basti blonde tlmid aun model, zeyer privat, fakhman aun dervaxn. ikh forshlogn apskeyl likht farbindn, khushik, ejing tiz aun tantra / tantrik fiuzhan guf rabz far jentalmin. सेक्सी टॉपलेस और नग्न कामुक मालिश नूर जेल इस मालिश को बहुत कामुक और मोहक बनाता है। मैं एक लंबा, सुडौल, गोरा गोरा छात्र और मॉडल हूं, बहुत ही निजी, पेशेवर और परिपक्व मैं सज्जनों के लिए हल्के स्पर्श, कामुक, किनारों के तंग और तंत्र / तांत्रिक फ्यूजन बॉडीरबों की पेशकश करता हूं। seksee topales aur nagn kaamuk maalish noor jel is maalish ko bahut kaamuk aur mohak banaata hai. main ek lamba, sudaul, gora gora chhaatr aur modal hoon, bahut hee nijee, peshevar aur paripakv main sajjanon ke lie halke sparsh, kaamuk, kinaaron ke tang aur tantr / taantrik phyoojan bodeerabon kee peshakash karata hoon.

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